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Why A Two Piece system is better than doubling up (using two or more) Adult diapers

Written by tyemedical on June 1, 2020

Adult Diapers: Why a Two Piece System Is Better than Doubling Up

Two layers are better than one, right? After all, we were always taught to err on the side of caution and add extra layers of reinforcement and protection. However, with adult diapers and incontinence systems, this might not always be the best option.

If you want extra protection from your adult diaper, choose a two piece system rather than just doubling up two single diapers. Read on to learn more about why this is.

Increased comfort for the wearer

Adult diapers fulfill two roles for the wearer. First and foremost, they protect the wearer from the effects of incontinence. But, a close second, they must also be comfortable enough for daily wear, providing the wearer with the support and confidence they need to go about their daily lives.

Doubling up with two single diapers does not achieve this for the wearer. Instead, it leaves the wearer uncomfortable and unable to carry out their daily tasks with ease and dignity.

The extra layer may also make the wearer feel self-conscious or awkward. This situation is no good when the wearer is trying to live a normal life.

A two piece system eliminates these concerns. This kind of system is designed to provide extra protection and therefore extra peace of mind. In addition, comfort and confidence for the wearer are taken into account during the construction and production of two piece systems.

Enhanced ease of use

Diapers serve a special function, but at their core, they are items of clothing like any other. As such, they need to be put on and taken off on a daily basis. If this process is difficult or cumbersome, it can severely disrupt the wearer’s day. Also, if a carer is assisting with the adult diapers, doubling up makes their job much harder.

This is because doubling up basically involves wearing one diaper on top of the other. These diapers can become tangled or stuck together, making them difficult to remove. Because the second layer of diaper is being pulled over the first layer — something it is not designed for — putting the diapers on can also be difficult. In fact, you risk damaging the diaper if you keep using this method in the long term.

With a two piece system, it is a very different story. As there is only one undergarment to be put on and taken off, both processes are made much less awkward. The life of the wearer, as well as the job of any carer or medical professional, is made that much easier. Also, as the diaper is being used in the way it was designed to be used, there is no danger of damaging or wearing out the garment.

More effective defense against the effects of incontinence

In the last section, we touched on the design of the adult diaper. This is very important to consider when you are thinking about whether to double up with single diapers or use a two piece system. 

Single diapers are designed to be just that — single diapers. They are not designed to be worn together or in tandem with any other kinds of diaper. This is why wearing the diapers in this way is so uncomfortable, and can result in damage to the garment.

However, there is another problem here. Doubling up with two single diapers may simply not work in the way the wearer expects. Diapers with waterproof backing, for example, will not be reinforced by adding another diaper over the top of it. Instead, the diaper will just fill to capacity and then leak through into the next product. In addition to this, wearing two sets of diapers may lead to gaps in coverage in key areas, particularly around the leg areas or at the rear, which can result in more leakage. Doubling up may not actually provide any benefit at all.

A two piece system is designed to provide an additional line of reinforcement against leakage. This means the wearer achieves far better results and greater comfort from a two piece system.

Better cost-efficiency

Cost is always an important consideration. Buying medical equipment or specially engineered garments can be expensive, particularly when those costs start to add up. This is why it is so important to seek out a cost-effective option when you come to purchase adult diapers.

Consider what it means to double up. It means using not one but two adult diaper products, both of which are likely to be soiled after wear. This is not a cost-efficient situation at all, and can lead to the wearer having to spend far more money than they have to.

A two piece system may be more expensive than a single diaper, but it is likely to be considerably cheaper than buying two diapers and doubling up. If you choose to double up, you are effectively paying more money for less function.

Improved flexibility

Two piece systems feature discreet pads with high levels of absorbance. These pads can be added or removed as and when required, making cleaning and other tasks quick and easy. The design of the pads, and of the adult diapers that the pads fit into, provide enhanced flexibility for the wearer, as well as for the carers who may be helping the wearer with their daily lives.

Contrast this with the doubled-up diaper option. There is no flexibility here as there are simply two pads, worn one over the top of the other. Removal, cleaning, and other tasks become drawn out and inconvenient, adding to the discomfort of the wearer and of any carers who are helping out.

It is almost impossible to achieve the kind of coverage and protection you need if you are purchasing two adult diapers and then doubling them up. What’s more, the quality of life, ease of use, and level of normality you are looking for may also prove elusive if you use this system.

A two piece diaper system provides a better option in a whole host of different ways. To learn more about these ingenious and highly effective incontinence systems, reach out to our team today.