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Everything You Need to Know About Incontinence After Prostate Surgery

According to the National Association for Continence, about 20% of men continue to experience signif

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Aging in Place: How Your Parents Can Live at Home Longer

We’re getting older every day. As we come to terms with our own aging bodies, we soon realize that

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Seniors (and Why the First Meal Matters)

Many older adults notice their appetites shrinking over time, which means healthy, nutritious breakf

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Exercise for Seniors: Best Workouts for Older Adults

Maybe you’ve just come around to the idea of incorporating intentional exercise into your day. Or,

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Best Nighttime Incontinence Products for Adults

The average adult has plenty of things to worry about when drifting off to sleep at night – and co

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Incontinence Dermatitis: How to Maintain Healthy Skin While Managing Urine Leaks

Things happen, and if you or your loved one are managing urine leaks, then it’s important to know

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Why Buy Reusable Incontinence Underwear?

Whether you’ve been searching for reusable incontinence underwear, or the thought never crossed yo

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How Gut Health Dramatically Impacts Your Life (and Tips for Keeping It Balanced)

Gut health has become one of the newest frontiers in human biology. That’s why you’ve been heari

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Incontinence during Pregnancy

Incontinence During Pregnancy: What to Do When You’re Leaking Urine

You probably never thought you’d be searching the internet about incontinence at this age. But her

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