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Two Piece Incontinence System was initially developed in Europe and Japan where adult incontinence care solutions are advanced.

This system consists of a pad and either Protective Underwear, Premium Briefs or Net Pants. It works by changing the pad.

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Choosing an adult diaper or incontinence product can leave you full of questions.
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Why Choose TYE Medical Incontinence Solutions

Excellent leak protection

Comfortable cloth-like material

Max absorbency for all night protection

Less workload for caregivers

Products for active & inactive people

Less waste and lower cost

Client Testimonials

Neal Reynolds

New York, NY

At age 82, I do have that extremely embarrassing problem of incontinence common with us old folks and I find this to work far, far better than Depends and similar products. It does help make this prob... Read More

Amber Cotterill

Orlando, FL

This is an excellent diaper for night time use and the most absorbent one that l found. I suffer from urinary incontinence, in part from diabetes. The diaper holds several night time wettings and the ... Read More

Martie K.

Raleigh, NC

These out did two major other types of brands. When dealing with an elderly parent you need something that is able to hold liquid and not let it seep into outwear. I was very pleased and am ordering m... Read More

Patty Watcher

Irvine, CA

LivDry Protective Underwear, sold by TYE Medical lives up to its advertising slogan – “Premium Incontinence Solution!” My aunt who celebrated her 100th birthday lives in an assisted l... Read More

Delores Cable

Sunderland, MD - Age 86

LivDry is the softest, most absorbent product on the market and I’ve tried them all... Read More