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Dare to Compare LivDry Products to Name Brand Competitors. Our LivDry incontinence products offer maximum protection against leakage with superior absorbent gel core and a very comfortable fit. Less mess… less stress!

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It’s not easy to find good adult incontinence products that are the perfect fit for you or your loved one. Choosing an adult diaper or incontinence product can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider such as: “Which diapers are the most absorbent?”, “Which diapers are the best for overnight?”, “Should I use the briefs or pull ups?”

Our Product Experts will help answer these and any other questions you have with a personal consultation. Using your current waist/hip dimensions, current needs and body type we will work with you to provide you with the right incontinence products that will keep you dry and comfortable. Call Us At (252) 265-5132.

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Speak with a Product Expert by calling (252) 265-5132. Or click the button below and start shopping for the best Pull Up, Brief & Shaped Pad on the market!

Customer Testimonials

“This is an excellent diaper for night time use and the most absorbent one that l found. I suffer from urinary incontinence, in part from diabetes. The diaper holds several night time wettings and the sheets stay dry. The moisture is wicked away from my skin. The diaper keeps the bedding dry even when I sleep on my side or front. Some diapers won’t keep you dry if You are a side sleeper.”

- Amber Cotterill | Orlando, FL

“These out did two major other types of brands. When dealing with an elderly parent you need something that is able to hold liquid and not let it seep into outwear. I was very pleased and am ordering more when needed.”

- Martie K. | Raleigh, NC

“At age 82, I do have that extremely embarrassing problem of incontinence common with us old folks and I find this to work far, far better than Depends and similar products. It does help make this problem easier to live with, at least for me.”

- Neal Reynolds | New York, NY

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